If You Sell Primarily to Other Businesses

You'll get much better results using these
business-to-business marketing strategies

The field of marketing communications is plagued by endless hype. But the truth is, in commercial and industrial environments, business relationships are ultimately won and maintained through performance. Not by slick, expensive marketing campaigns.

That said, marketing communications will help you initiate connections with the customers you want, but only if you use good, sound business-to-business marketing strategies.

Businesses that sell to other businesses need to communicate differently from businesses that sell directly to consumers. We call this B2B marketing.

And that's the kind of marketing strategy you'll find on these pages.

Want to check if your website is a good business-to-business tool? Perhaps you want to write more convincing emails or sales letters . Got a trade show coming up? Maybe you need more effective video strategies. Could you use a few sales presentation tips?

Here you'll find helpful resources on these and many other topics.

B2B Versus Consumer Marketing

Many agencies will tell you that it doesn't really matter if your target is consumers or other businesses.

They couldn't be more wrong.


B2B Marketing Research

In every business-to-business marketing research project we've conducted, our clients are surprised by something important they learn about their target market.


B2B Marketing Strategy

How do you market to multiple levels? What are the 3 key questions your marketing communications must answer? Do you really need a branding strategy?